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Sept 2019 – Further chaos expected in Thurrock

September sees several weekend closures of the A13 as part of the widening project around the Orsett Cock roundabout.

At the end of August, the A13 was closed in both directions causing traffic chaos. The transport nightmare was compounded by C2C carrying out works and replacement bus services running from/to Stanford-le-Hope.

Local Councillor, Shane Ralph, hit out at the authorities and asked “How was this allowed to happen on the same weekend? Residents of SS17 were basically held hostage in their own towns?”
Unfortunately, locals must endure another weekend of this transport nightmare when the A13 closes for the weekend of 20th September and again C2C have replacement bus services.

The weekend of September 27th sees another weekend closure, thankfully there is no planned maintenance by C2C. For further info check the Thurrock Council website https://www.thurrock.gov.uk/a13-roadworks/widening-a13

We would like to thank our customers for their patience during these frustrating times. 

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

August 2019 – Focus on Muck Away

Muck Away is the generic industry standard term used to describe a range of activities that involve the removal of spoil or waste from a construction site. Recently, the regulation has increased, justifiably so, to ensure the protection of the environment. At MR Services (Essex) Ltd we have built up a wealth of expertise in the removal of all waste to licensed facilities. These may be soil treatment, landfill or our own recycling centre.

We specialise in inert muck away which is defined as 'waste that does not undergo any significant physical, chemical or biological transformations and is unlikely to adversely affect other matter with which it comes into contact.' Often included as inert Muck Away is concrete, hardcore and subsoil. Clean concrete and hardcore can be recycled and will generally be at a reduced cost.

If you require further information on muck away classification or competitive pricing, please call us. 

July 2019 – Focus on Driver CPC  

What is CPC?

CPC stands for 'Certificate of Professional Competence'. The term “CPC” is used in other industries, to avoid confusion, in the haulage and transport industries it is known as Driver CPC.

Driver CPC certification is a set of standards applied to initial driver training and continuing education. It ensures that drivers are both competent and capable throughout their career.

Post Brexit, professional drivers of will still require a valid CPC to continue operating in the UK.
All drivers licenced prior to 2008/2009 were afforded grandfather rights that gave them an additional five years to complete their CPC training. This extension expires 9th September 2019.

Here at MR Services our drivers are required to complete regular training to ensure they have completed the relevant 35 hours of training by the deadline. Rest assured that our drivers are all competent and capable.   

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

June 2019 – Environment Agency Crackdown

The EA have issued two Essex companies with fines totalling more than £45,000. A Sub contractor was used to clear a site and sadly they fly tipped the spoil in a Colchester farm.

Here at MR Services we are fully licenced waste carriers with our own recycling centre. We do not engage sub-contractors to dispose of waste. By using MR Services Essex Ltd you can be sure your site spoil will be disposed of correctly.

Why not call one of our friendly team for competitive pricing? 

May 2019 MR Services
Fleet Expansion 

We have taken delivery of a new Volvo FMX420 which is known as “A Construction Giant” Volvo describe it as their toughest, strongest, most robust truck. Capable of transporting large loads in rough conditions without getting bogged down.

This purchase will enable us to service our client’s needs more efficiently.

Why not give us a call for competitive pricing. 

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

April 2019 Highlight on ISO 9001:2015 

What is ISO 9001:2015?

ISO 9001 is the international standard for a quality management system. The standard is based on a number of quality management values including a strong customer focus, motivation, continual improvement, risk reduction, customer satisfaction and traceability through the implementation of various management system processes.

Here at MR Services (Essex) Ltd we have embraced the Certification process and used it as a positive means to improve systems we have in place to ensure conformity of the goods and services we provide.

We are pleased to announce that our recent external audit we gained a Grade 1 Pass. 

March 2019 highlight on topsoil 

If you need topsoil for any area of your garden, you need to be careful what you are buying and who you are buying from. You must make sure you use a reputable provider like MR Services (Essex) Limited otherwise you may find yourself with inferior topsoil that is useless for your needs.

What Are the Different types available?
Depending on your requirements, there are three main types of topsoil, these are Premium screened, Eco Screened and BS3882 – they have very different uses and prices.

Economy Screened Topsoil
The soil is passed through a 20mm mesh to ensure that anything larger does not enter the final product.

Premium Screened Topsoil
The soil is passed through a smaller 10mm mesh.

BS3882 Topsoil
The soil is consistently high-quality and is certified to industry standard BS3882 and CLEA model. It undergoes regular laboratory testing for physical and chemical analysis as well as contamination assessment.

Which soil should I chose?
The difference in your choice comes down to how you are likely to use the topsoil. If you are just filling in gaps, general landscaping or laying turf, then the Eco soil will be sufficient. However, if you would like to grow plants, including flowers and vegetables, then Premium soil will be essential to ensure proper growth of your new garden. For developers and local authorities BS3882 soil is recommended.

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

February 2019 - Highlight on Licenced Waste Carriers 

Q Who needs to be registered as a waste carrier?

A Anyone that transports someone else’s waste as part of their own trade or for profit must be registered. Additionally, tradespeople who are transporting spoil they have created themselves such as builders carrying rubble and plaster, plumbers carrying old baths or landscapers carrying trees, shrubs or unused turf.

The requirement to be licensed as a waste carrier applies regardless of where the waste is taken. This could be to the carrier’s own premises, someone else’s premises or to a licenced disposal facility. This rule applies to the waste carrier irrespective of whether they are a limited company, partnership or solo trader.

Fines for non-compliance can be up to £5,000. Indeed, in August 2018 The Metro Newspaper published a report of a roofer who was fined £300 for carrying empty crisp packets without a Waste Carrier Licence.
Fly tipping has increased by 140% in the last five years. If your contractor is not licenced they may be fly tipping your waste. If it is personally identifiable, you could be liable for a fine of up to £400.
If you would like to check your contractor is licenced check the public register

By working with us you can be assured that all inert waste is categorised and disposed of at an appropriately licenced site, legally and in accordance with Duty of Care Regulations.

January 2019 - Focus on The Lower Thames  Crossing

A proposed new road – the Lower Thames Crossing – linking Kent and Essex would nearly double capacity across the Thames, according to Highways England. The new crossing, if approved, could have a sizeable impact on the UK haulage industry, with a new road tunnel beneath the Thames almost halving the current transit times at the Dartford Crossing. The project would represent Britain’s single largest road upgrade since the M25 was completed in 1986. It is forecast that in its first year, more than 27 million vehicles would use the crossing, including 4.5 million heavy goods vehicles

The new road, planned to open in 2027, would consist of a 14.5-mile three-lane dual carriageway connecting the M2 near Rochester in Kent and the M25 in Essex. The actual Thames crossing would take the form of a 2.4-mile tunnel under the river between Tilbury and Gravesend, making it the longest road tunnel in the UK. There would be a fee for using the crossing, which has been described as a “user charge”, similar to the Dart Charge in operation at the Dartford Crossing, rather than a toll.

What this means to us

Highways England claim there would be a reduction in traffic flow by as much as 18,000 drivers on the A13 between the M25 junction 30 and the Crossing.

However, an increase between 9,000 and 21,000 drivers on the A13 between the A128 junction (at Orsett Cock) and the A130 junction after the Pitsea Flyover.

At present there are road widening works taking place on the A13 at the Orsett Cock junction, these are inevitably resulting in delays which will of course escalate as the project progresses.
Check Highways England Website for further details.  

MR Services
Mr Services

November 2018 -  Focus on Sand & Gravel

Sand and gravel are two of the core materials used in the construction industry. These naturally occurring minerals are very versatile and are used in many ways, some of which are explored below.

Both sand and gravel are heavily utilised in the construction of concrete. Ordinarily, gravel is mixed with asphalt to form a sturdy, waterproof road surface. During colder months, a combination of sand and gravel is used to improve traction

Many people are surprised when they learn that sand and gravel are used within the roofing industry. Very often these two materials are used to make roof shingles. Sand and gravel can also be mixed together to form a roofing aggregate.
Sand and gravel are often used together to form an aggregate, especially for the use of private driveways and car parks. Another important use that they have is that of water filtration in newly developed plots and outdoor areas, particularly at the side of newly built roads.
Sand and gravel are also used for the construction of glass. Both foundry and abrasive sand are used in glass production. What makes sand such a special material for making glass is the quartz content (or the silica).

If you are currently carrying out construction work on your property, or garden, and need waste removed or large amounts of gravel or sand moved on site, then please do get in touch with MR Services (Essex) Ltd today..

October 2018 – Highlight on Tipper Lorries

From minor DIY tasks to larger construction projects, tipper lorry hire offers the ideal solution for transporting materials and waste, tipping materials in the required destination swiftly.

The way tipper lorries are designed and operated makes them perfectly suited for projects where building materials such as soil, gravel, hardcore and aggregates need to be cleared away from or delivered to site.

If you are searching for an efficient, cost-effective way of clearing away your inert material or transporting aggregates, look no further than MR Services (Essex) Ltd. We offer a 32 tonne/8 wheeler lorries so all materials can be loaded on your site at your convenience. For further information or professional advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we are more than happy to help. 

MR Services
MR Services

Sept 2018 - Highlight on Grab Lorries

Grab lorries are an invaluable resource for anyone undertaking large scale building works such as digging out footings or demolishing sections of a building. Materials can be piled up and removed from your site quickly and efficiently. Our lorries can load and remove your excavated waste away within 30 minutes.

We can provide six wheelers holding approximately 13 tonnes or eight wheelers holding approximately 17 tonnes all operated by our highly skilled and fully trained staff. Despite being large vehicles with huge capacity, they are also small and agile enough to fit onto most sites, making the job of material delivery and waste collection even easier.

Our grabs are not only useful for waste management and site clearance, they are also great for the delivery and movement of aggregates. A huge range of materials can be supplied to at very competitive rates, delivered to the right area of your site by our lorry for the ultimate in convenience.

Why not call us for pricing? 

August 2018

Phew what a scorcher! are the words on everyone’s lips this month. People are spending more time outside in an attempt to keep cool.
If your garden needs some attention we can help with materials to match your budget: sand, gravel, turf, topsoil, ballast etc. We can even supply a grab lorry to remove the spoil.

Our prices are competitive and our service is second to none.

Why not call us for pricing?   

MR Services
MR Services

July 2018

BBQ season is upon us, we spend more time out in the garden with family and friends in July. Now is the time to get your garden ready for the school holidays and those BBQs in the balmy weather.

We can supply turf, topsoil, sand, ballast, recycled materials, gravel etc at very competitive prices.

Why not give us a call for pricing and availability? 

June 2018

Summer has arrived at last. With the lighter evenings you will probably want to spend more time in your garden.

If you are looking for materials to complete those overdue projects, please give us a call.

We can supply turf, topsoil, recycled materials, sand, ballast etc. All delivered lose to your home or business at very competitive rates. 

MR Services

May 2018 

Spring is here. Now is the time to start on all of those little projects you have been putting off for winter.

We can supply topsoil, turf and a range of aggregates.

Why not give us a call for a quote? 

April 2018 -
MRS is changing

We are pleased to announce that we have sold the skip division of the company to Skip-Pro Limited. If you have one of our skips for collection or exchange please call Skip-Pro on 07717 154 545 or check out their website for further details.

We are now concentrating on the Grab & Tipper divisions of the company and will continue to provide muckaway and delivery of aggregates as previously.

We would like to thank all of our skip hire customers for their patronage over the last thirteen years and look forward to continuing to serve you with muckaway and aggregate deliveries.

mr services
ISO 9001:2015

March 2017 - MRS pass ISO 9001:2015

After an several months of hard work and effort MR Services attained ISO9001 accreditation to the new 2015 standard.

Our Audit took place 7th March 2017 and we are pleased to announce that we gained a pass on our first attempt at the new standard.

2016  Race for Life

The office girls, Alice Raymond and Lin Wilson together with the office alarm system, Jake (the Sprocker) Wilson took part in Cancer Race for Life. They were joined by Mrs Christine Raymond (Wife of Director Charlie).

To see more pictures please check Jake's blog page Jake Sez

The girls raised £510.00 for 2016

MRS Go-Karting

M R Services held a staff go-karting competition at Brentwood Karting Raceway! The winner was Mark Raymond, Brett took second, Gary came third. Grab team wins, which meant no placements for tipper, skip or admin teams.

2015 - MRS Supports Cancer Research

The office girls, Alice Raymond and Lin Wilson together with the office alarm system, Jake (the Sprocker) Wilson took part in Cancer Race for Life. They were joined by Mrs Christine Raymond (Wife of Director Charlie), Loui (the bichon frise) Raymond, Lin's sister Rebekah Prince and a friend Natalie Excell.

To see more pictures please check Jake's blog page Jake Sez

The girls raised £635.00 for 2015

June 2014 - MR Services Hosts Golf Day

Thanks to everyone who attended our golf dayat Stapleford Abbotts Golf Club on 25th June 2014. For photos of the event please click here

April 2014 - Family Business

We are pleased to announce that Alice Raymond has joined the family business as an Administration Assistant.

Sept 2013 - Recruiting

We are looking to recruit with immediate start: Groundworkers
Mini Digger Driver
Click here to send us an email with your details

July 2013 - Wedding

Khylie makes an honest man of Director, Mark Raymond, in Brentwood

July 2013 - MR Services supports Cancer Research UK

Office Alarm, Jake Wilson and Office Manager, Lin Wilson, took part in the 5k Race for Life at Basildon along with her two sisters, Deborah Edrich and Rebekah Prince

Deborah was the first adult across the line at 22 mins. Rebekah, Lin and Jake were slighly behind her at 1 hour 4 mins

They raised over £1,100 for Cancer Research UK 

Jan 2013 - MRS expand fleet with Hino 500

MR Services further expand their fleet by investing in a new Hino 500 skip lorry.

The HINO 500 Series is the embodiment of HINO's uncompromising philosophy and technologies for creating trucks for the next age.

Dec 2012 - MR Services take on new skip yard

MR Services take over the old Skipfast yard, The Brewery, London Road, Stanford-le-Hope. There has been a skip yard on this site for more than 20 years, we intend to keep up this tradition for years to come. At present the yard is only open for tipping by our own vehicles and existing customers with small amounts (transit van). Unfortunately, we are unable to accept skip lorries at this time.

March 2011 - MR Services attain ISO9001

After an awful lot of hard work and effort MR Services attained ISO9001 accreditation.

ISO9001 helps us ensure that we meet the needs of customers together with meeting statutory and regulatory requirements related to the industry

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